Sunday, 27 July 2008


The Making of an Icon
(I'm catching flies with my hands. I need a flyswatter.)

OK, so it's 2006, I'm starting to really get into MySpace ( and I stumble across the MySpace page of Kesh ( and I fall in love with her-  immediately. I mean, someone who lives round the corner from me dressing like a fashion assassin and killing anyone who doubts her with even more deadly combinations of colour and cheeky wit? Oh, this girl... I've never wanted to be anyone like Beyonce or whoever. But I wanted to be Kesh, (then I got over it and now I'm being me!) But this chick was the coolest around (the world.) I met her at some fashion awards where she was a recipient and she was so nice, I was awestruck... I was 17 and she was just amazing to me. 

I pestered her to answer questions for an article I was desperate to write about her. She did and it was just so wicked. Then she blew up and I saw her at her birthday party at YoYo and I guess she was drunk, but she didn't remember who I was, but she said she liked my dress, which was good enough at the time, but looking back at it, I can't believe she didn't remember who I was! I'd been to all her parties! Hehheehehehe. Whatever. 

Click here to read the article.

Oh and she inspired alot of my earlier looks, this one in particular. This is me on new years.  Good times.

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