Sunday, 27 July 2008


Hair Matters
(I'm so hot right now, I wanna take off my skin)

I've had so many hairstyles this year, some good, some bad, some lazy. These are the ones I have pictures of.

Drunk looking.

Couldn't look after this one. I'm not good with curls.

What I'm rocking right now.

The long weave.

The I Can't Be Bothered. 
(I was at work)

My sexy, wild rebellion. And I had no money to go to a barber.

My favourite. The one that's most me.

I'm getting my hair done again.  I'm getting a mohawk, this time. True say I had one ages ago, but then everyone jumped on the bandwagon, so that was my stop. But everyone's on all different kinds of bandwagons now, so I'm jumping back on that one. When I go to Guyana I'll have my Hightop back.

Good times. 



La La said...

love your hair doos! lol

danDan said...

hehehehhee... i can't wait to change it again... :D