Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Miss Flavour 2008

Nasharie Leaford Needs To Be Miss Flavour 2008
(London swelled with the heat and burst into tears; hot rain, like a girl mourning a broken heart.)

My best friend (I told you I had more than one), Nasharie Leaford, an actress and model from Wembley in London has entered the Flavour Magazine  competition to become Miss Flavour 2008. She is proper talented; don't tell anyone, but I've just cast her in my short film The Perfect War.

I remember when this girl and I were running around Richmond College looking hot to trot, not giving a dam what anyone said about us. We met in English class, we were supposed to be studying Shakespeare and Frankenstien, but I was sleeping and she was actually awake and paying attention. It's only God why I left that place with such good grades.

This is us at our Goodbye Photo Shoot at the end of our servitude at that blasted college:

So sexy!

This is Miss Leaford now. A ravishing beauty. 

Washing a car never looked so good.

Her face is proper symmetrical, innit?


So sexy!

Well vote for her by texting Nasharie Leaford to 84205. She needs to win. It's bait.


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