Sunday, 28 June 2009


If You Have Nothing To Say, Shut The Fuck Up!
(I'm listening to funky house... I love it! And it's really hot here for once!)

Hi guys! How are you all? Sorry I aint updated my blog with anything of sense in a while, I've had nothing to tell you, so best be mum. The excitement is coming in dribs and drabs, so here's an update of everything that's happened of late as it comes to me.

Did I show you the summer issue of Eclectic Magazine? The model's wearing CUT&SWALLOW. I don't think I did, cos you can't even see the dress, but there you go. The model is the multi-talented and undoubtedly beautiful Phoenix Martin. The photography is by one of my favourite photographers, the very talented Seye Iizsik. The hair was styled Keiran Brookes. Beautiful!

I was really depressed one day, as you can tell by the colourless attire and my good friend Florie were walking down Oxford St and bumped into this amazing guy! I love him so much. It was the first time I smiled all day. And I gave him the biggest hug. Greatness!

Oh, I forgot about this. Zezi invited Ben and I to the sound clash to wine up our waist for charity.

We got all dolled up and rolled down to Bloomsbury Ballroom. Zezi had all these flashing things, I grabbed as many as made sense, even put one between my tiddies, just cos it was funny!

Ben got too nice! He decided he was gonna fight the girls from Girlcore cos our team, Zezi's Fine Boy Crew lost. LOL.

Everyone got nice and someone got so nice they decided to tag the wall backstage. Too funny.

My big sister, Pat, click here for her blog, and I have been doing research for our respective collections. Running around London looking for inspiration. Fun time.

And finally, I've been working on this summer project for all you guys, sourcing material and the like. It's going to be greatness, it's just taking a loooong time to sort out. Bare with me people.

OK guys, live long and prosper and I'll see you soon. xxx


Shamz Le Roc said...

The cover looks dope girl fresh mama! x

Florie said...

dont ask wot am doin here at 2am but i got a mention so YAY and why no mention of the free marshmallows we stole from rubberman?