Friday, 3 July 2009

My 2009 Girl Crush Goes To...

Errrr She Makes Me So Happy
(I'm a busy, busy, busy bee.)

Hi guys! How are you? I hope you too have been melting in the sun! It's been beautiful. I love England, but we get so excited by the sun we go outside and die in 30c (86f). Having lived in Zimbabwe and visited Jamaica many times, it's laughable. LOL. I love you England!

Newer readers might not remember the first time I fell in love with Amber Rose all the way back when, but The YBF just helped me confirm how much I looooooove looking at Amber Rose.

This is tooooo pretty. I love her cos she does NOTHING but look good. That's it. That's her job! Go Amber! I couldn't do it. I love to stress myself out with this label! YAY. She makes me happy cos she's so confident in herself. Errr, it's just beautiful to behold. I would love her to wear my clothes.

OK, other than having a huge girl crush on this woman, I'm really busy sorting out this exciting Summer project for you guys. I'll show you some stuff when it's ready.

Until then folks, live long and prosper!


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Nana said...

I love her she has her own style and sticks to it and I love that she is bold. Most people are too chicken to do what they feel even though they really want too. I haven't found my girl crush :(